How To Guides

Before We Start: What Is Plant Propagation?
Plant propagation is the process of growing new plants from seeds, cuttings or other plant parts. 
How To Get Started With Water Propagation
A few little tips and tricks will go a long way to getting the most out of your plant cuttings. 
How To Pot Propagated Plant Cuttings In Soil
You’ve had cuttings in propagation stations for a few months and they're ready to pot.
How To Assemble Your Propagation Station
Wherever you’re at on your plant propagation journey, we’re so excited to be part of it.
How To Reuse Your Polystyrene Foam
Why not repurpose your polystyrene foam packaging instead of throwing it out?
How To Pick Plants For Low Light Spaces
What about those cold, dark corners that are devoid of warmth and almost any light at all? 
How To Create a Gorgeous Green Office
Not only are plants visually stimulating, but they improve air quality and oxygen levels.