Beginners guide to water plant propagation 🌱
Just bought a Cooper&Smith propagation station? Or interested in propagating plants in water? We’ve got some great tips for successful water propagation to get you started, including plants to begin with and techniques to get the best from your cuttings when you propagate!
5 plants you NEED in your life right now 🌵
Here are our favourite plants that you need in your life right now so you can go and create the green, lush apartment you are dreaming of. It's the Cooper&Smith list of plants you need in your life. P.S. They are easy to care for and look absolutely bomb in any indoor home set up.
5 plants that are a B*TCHES (aka HELP!) 😩
I know what your thinking: “You should love all your (plant) children equally. How can you say you wish you didn’t buy one?” Well I am doing you a favour by giving you a heads up that these following plants are moody AF. I struggled with these bad boys and made some mistakes with them, so hopefully you don’t have to.
The BEST ways to grow your collection 🌱🍃🌻
So it’s official. You’re a Crazy Plant Lady (or man). Apart from walking around, attempting to steal your neighbours plants, how can you build your plant collection and seek out varieties you don’t have already, without dropping hundreds each month, or week!