5 plants that are a B*TCHES (aka HELP!) 😩

I know what you're thinking:

“You should love all your (plant) children equally. How can you say you wish you didn’t buy one?”

Well I am doing you a favour by giving you a heads up that these following plants are moody AF.

I struggled with these bad boys and made some mistakes with them, so hopefully you don’t have to make the mistakes and you can enjoy these plants- green and lush like they should be!

Silver Moss - Air Plant Family

Let’s start honestly here... I just forget about them.

Sorry past silver moss/air plants.

It isn’t that they are a difficult plant, they aren’t moody at all, they are actually super cute and really simple to have.

But the cycle goes a little like this:

  1. Buy air plant and be motivated for a few weeks
  2. Accidentally forget about it
  3. Feel guilty when it goes brown and crispy
  4. Try to revive it by drowning it in water
  5. Repeat for a few weeks/months
  6. Get frustrated and wonder “Why isn’t green and lush?”

Anyone? No? Just me then…

Good luck with your air plants, and a reminder that they need water just like any other plant. Give them a bath once a week to keep them happy, or even a spritz with water.

And I promise you, I will try and follow my own advice.

Peace Lily - Spathiphyllum 

Ha! There was nothing peaceful about you, you temperamental thing.

I struggled hard with drooping leaves as soon as I bought it home. I mean, it didn’t help that is was in the firing line of our air conditioner AND I bought it in Sydney's 30+ summer heat, but still.

If you do decide to get one, or if you already have one, I have warned you - it gets thirsty.

Place it somewhere with indirect light, and possibly with higher humidity ( bathroom plant right here) and if it needs it, sit in a bath for it to soak up the water.

I didn’t realise when I had the plant but the leaves will droop if it needs water - if I knew this when I had the Peace Lily, maybe things would be different - good luck!

Calathea Zebrina

I LOVED my Calathea and I thought I was practically a plant guru when it was all going well, like, “Look at me - I know putting rocks and water in the tray will be great for my plant!”

The plant seriously loved humidity with all its heart, which was great for a time.

And then it didn’t go very well. And then it went well again.

And then it didn’t again.

My point is, it was a constant battle with my Calathea, it was a bit on the temperamental side of life.

And then we moved apartments, and it was just never happy in our second home.

Like the one child who misses their old room, that was our Calathea.

It’s a hard one because I feel like if I came across another Calathea, looking all lush, green and healthy, I would be pretty tempted to take you home.

Like mentioned with the Peace Lily, it loves humidity, so a great option for a bathroom or kitchen plant to help it flourish.

Ripple Peperomia - Peperomia Caperata

What’s your deal hun?

I bought this plant because of the leaves, the texture on them were seriously cool and I get real jealous looking through plant pics on Instagram because they are so pretty!

But it just..failed.

The one thing I didn’t get with this was it just went soggy and droopy pretty early on in the relationship and then it was a lost cause from then, my heart just wasn’t in it.

Once, in desperation, I cut it all back, got rid of all the soggy leaves and gave it a good prune, which actually helped quite well for a month or to, until it went back to its miserable state.

Did I Google what was wrong? No, not once.

It was over, just leaf me (Ha! Get it?)

Looking back, I should have propagated some leaves and started again, so if you get stuck with a dying ripple peperomia, try and do that!

String of Pearls - Senecio Rowleyanus

Yes, the struggle is real guys.

It’s not that I wouldn’t buy this plant again, because I would. I’ve been there 5 times already (plus cuttings from lovely family)

Inner Me: “You don’t need this, you’ve killed 5 already.”

Me: “Yes, but this time is going to different, I swear. It's calling my name.”

It just dies. Every. Time. String of Pearls - like seriously? And I know I am not the only one there… hopefully. But I could never get it right.

My mistake that I made was knowing it was a succulent, I didn’t think it wanted much water and liked a lot of sun, so do the opposite of this.

Yes, it is a succulent, but in direct light (bright in afternoon for a short amount of time) and water it enough for the soil to go dry in between.

Good luck to you!