The BEST ways to grow your collection 🌱🍃🌻

So it’s official. You’re a Crazy Plant Lady (or man).

The symptoms of being a CPL is that you're constantly looking at the plants around you, wondering what they're called and being amazed at how beautiful they are.

I realised I was suffering from CPL when I would go for walks around my neighbourhood and be checking out my neighbour's plants. A house a few blocks away from me has this crazy cactus plant in the front yard that is almost 5 metres tall!

So how do you fuel your CPL?

Apart from walking around, attempting to steal your neighbours plants, how can you build your plant collection and seek out varieties you don’t have already, without dropping hundreds each month, or week!

So here are a few tips on how to do just that, without stealing plants from your neighbours like a CPL!

Friends & Family

You’ve got mates right? Use them!

Most plants are super easy to propagate from cuttings, so ask your friends and family for small cuttings of their plant varieties.

Just be sure to ask when you visit with cookies or something delicious to make it a fair trade...

Sale Plants

You will find larger plant or homeware stores will have sales on plants which is great, however a word of warning... they are usually on the sad side.

BUT, it’s a great way to practice your plant mum skills and nurse it back to health.

Once I bought a Baby Fiddle leaf for $9 and it’s been the best (and most stressful) time bringing it back to being a glorious plant.

Every new leaf is a victory!


That cool plant you see a couple of houses down? Why not knock on the door and ask for a cutting?

Maybe a freshly baked cake, a sneaky tenner, or even a swap would be a great way to sort things out - I will let you know when I finally get the courage to ask the neighbour with the awesome cactus for a cutting!

And hey - you might make a new friend in the process.


Making plants out of plants is a simple and fun way to build your collection. It’s also a great way to make your plants look more thick and lush when they start to look leggy, or be able to use your favourite plant in very room of the house.

Propagating was one of the things that made me really get into the whole plant thing, sometimes it doesn’t work, but it’s a fun hobby to experiment with, and it’s so easy!


This is the secret I will share with you, because I like you.

Local markets are usually a great way to source plants that aren’t too expensive.

You can score big time with succulents, cactus or cute little plants from people who are selling their plants on a smaller level.

You could pick up the plant of your dreams for under $10 at a local plant market, so make it a mission to adventure out on a Sunday morning with your soy latte in hand to find some plant bargains!