Fleur Propagation Station by Cooper and Smith. Propagate plant cuttings in water. Natural timber frame with suspended glass propagation vessels handcrafted in Australia. Free shipping, Afterpay and Apple Pay available.

We're Closing

Say farewell with 50% off propagation stations.

An Announcement

Last time we said goodbye, it was to some of our old propagation station designs: Paisley, Clementine, Florence, Ella Mae and Madeline. Sadly, this time we're saying goodbye for good. We're closing down Cooper&Smith. 

We started handcrafting propagation stations in the middle of 2020 when our careers as a musician and makeup artist were put on hold due to the pandemic. Now, we're fortunate enough to be returning to those careers and simply don't have the time or energy to continue running our beloved little business. 

We are so grateful to all of you who have supported us, or shared our business and products with your family and friends. We hope your little plant babies are thriving in your Cooper&Smith propagation stations.

We still have all sizes of Fleur and Arwen in stock, so to give them the farewell party they deserve they're on sale now at 50% off. This is the perfect opportunity for you to get a head start on Christmas gifts at some very special prices. 

Propagation Stations

The Cooper&Smith collection of propagation stations allow you to grow your own plant cuttings in water. You can then transfer them to soil or keep them in your propagation station as a permanent home.

Handcrafted in Australia, we use stunning natural timbers which are hand-stamped with the signature Cooper&Smith double-leaf brand and finished with a natural Australian beeswax polish.

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We're proud to partner with Carbon Neutral and their Plant-a-Tree program to plant one tree for every order.

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What is plant propagation?

Plant propagation is the process of growing new plants from seeds, cuttings or other plant parts. Cooper&Smith Propagation Stations allow you to propagate plant cuttings in water. This is our favourite method of plant propagation because it is easy, fun and our water propagation stations look stunning in your home or workspace.

Plant propagation begins with obtaining a plant cutting. These might be from existing plants you have at home, offcuts you’ve been gifted from friends and family, or sick plants that you want to try and save.

The plant cutting is submerged in water and placed somewhere it receives natural sunlight so photosynthesis can occur. In a few months, new roots will develop and the propagated plant cutting can be transferred to soil to continue growing. Alternatively, some varieties of plants can be left in water permanently.

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Our Story

Meet Amy & Liam

A musician and a makeup artist, both with a love of plants. This is their story.

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